As stated on the landing page of this website, I am transgender. I am from Missouri as well, which if you don't know, means that it is extremely difficult for me to access gender affirming care.

Due to this, I have found it necessary to start a Gofundme page, located at https://www.gofundme.com/ayzees-transition. Please consider donating.

How Funds Will Be Spent

All money put into this Gofundme page will be spent towards gender affirming medical care. This may include shipping, pharmaceutical costs, and the like.

Why I'm Actually Doing This

I am not fortunate enough to have been granted access to the care that I need to affirm my gender identity to my body. That is, since my gender is feminine, I would like for my body to match that, which is possible through treatments like Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT).

HRT is a very heated debate topic in the minds of those who follow popular bigotry. Many believe it should not be of access to transgender people to affirm them at all, even though many cisgender people also take some form of HRT - ever see those commercials for testosterone boosters?

Other forms of gender affirming care do involve surgery, but personally I do not find this necessary. That does not mean that it isn't necessary for all transgender people. Everyone is different, and every transgender person has their own path to gender affirmation - really, just the same as any cisgender person does. Gender affirmation is just the process of getting to a point in which your body and your presentation and the way you think of yourself all align with each other the way you want.

Point being, I cannot accomplish my path to gender affirmation in a timely manner by myself. I'm by no means asking you donate your life's savings to my transition, but please consider the impact it could have on me and others.

Emotional roller coasters (Content Warning: transphobia, suicide)

If you know me personally, you'll know that I've been on HRT in the past, but ran out of money to pay for it. It was an emotional roller coaster, especially towards the end of that time. I was forced off of HRT by circumstance, and it made me extremely depressed, and I struggled to get out of bed most days for about 2 months.

I will not mention any graphic examples, but I've experienced (and continue to experience) painful bouts of gender dysphoria (which I describe as a feeling of disconnect between my mind and body, though it may be more complex for other people); these times in my life are what assure me that I am transgender. I know I don't want to hurt myself, but dysphoria makes it sound so enticing.

This is the reason why neglecting to provide gender affirming care to transgender people is so dangerous, and why the suicide rate is so incredibly high (as cited by the common insult of "41%"), among other things. There is no reason a person should feel bad for being suicidal, and yet this is the goal of transphobia. Although, it is again important to point out that not all transgender people experience thoughts of suicide.

Closing Thoughts

If nothing else you get out of this article, please take this: everyone should try to support one another. Everyone should strive for a more perfect world, and that means a world where no one should have to worry about they're body not being their ideal.